We Buy Houses CA$H!

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Do You Have an Unwanted House That You Need to Sell Quickly?

Are you making payments on a house that you cannot sell?  Job Relocation? Behind on Payments? Is your house vacant? In need of repairs? Divorcing? Estate Sale? Downsizing? Facing Foreclosure? 

CALL NOW & we will find a SOLUTION for your home today!

We have solutions. We buy houses from people in situations just like yours in almost any area, condition, or price range!

We specialize in finding creative solutions to real estate problems others will not touch. Our real estate investing division buys 50-65 houses per year and are looking for more. You get a quick sale without hassles! We can close quickly, and we will handle all the paperwork. ALL AT NO EXPENSE TO YOU.

No Contingencies!

Common problems happen every day and we want to provide a no-hassle experience. If you have experienced Job Loss, Death, Divorce, Medical Issues, Job Transfer / Relocation, Failed Business, Behind on Mortgage Payments / Pre- Foreclosure, Bad Tenants / Evictees, Code Violations, Law Suits, or simply have a property that you do not want to wait to sell, then let us get your worries behind you right NOW by getting in touch. Our offices are open 24 hours a day. 

Featured Client Success Story

In just a few days, WCBA Real Estate helped an ordinary family pull itself out of the red. The family had some financial mishaps and were getting behind on some mortgage payments. On top of that some repairs were due. They did not know where to turn.

Courageous Steps Forward.

How We Helped.

We were able to get out to the home in less than a day to look. The home was in good condition. After listening to the family and needs, we leased the family home with an option to purchase. We made the past due payments, became responsible for all payments, made the repairs, handled all the paperwork, and helped the family with some cushion money.

Quickly Because...

You Matter &

* Behind on Payments?

* Foreclosure?

*Need Repairs?

*Home Sitting Vacant?

*Bad Tenants?


*Small Equity?

*Double Payments?

*Estate Sale?


*Fire Damage?


*Simply Want to Sell Fast & With No Hassle!


What Can We Do to Help?

Our Best &

* We will lease or buy your house 

* We will make your payments (even back payments)

*We will be responsible for all maintenance.

*We will handle the paperwork at our expense



Lifetime Partnerships &

* Your home can be sold in 48 hours.

* NO WAITING while it sits on the market!

* You Know the bottom-line price you are getting NO SURPRISES

* No chance the deal will fall through...it's SOLD NOW!!!

* No WORRIES about repairs or maintenance! LESS stress!

* Flexible, Flexible, FLEXIBLE TERMS!


Ready to chat?

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We want to work with your business. 

Take your business to another level by partnering with World Class Business Advisory. We create the best opportunities and outcomes!