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04/21/2021- World Class Business Advisory now accepts Dogecoin as payment.


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National Business Consulting Firm World Class Business Advisory now accepts Dogecoin as payment


Louisville, KY 04/21/2021 – Major national business consulting firm, World Class Business Advisory announced last week that it has added Dogecoin (DOGE) as an official payment method during the rise and trend of the meme-based cryptocurrency. World Class Business Advisory announced last Wednesday, April 14, 2021that the firm added the option via the company Facebook page.


The firm, with over 53 locations said that the decision to accept the highly popular cryptocurrency comes with the rising popularity of the coin amongst many of its business-to-business clients. World Class Business Advisory consults for 9 different industries. Shortly after the announcement the coin rose 400% the same week.


World Class Business Advisory President, Jordan Miller, stated that, “The rise of Doge and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is not just a trend no more. Since the founding of DOGE 7 years ago (founded as a joke) it is now worth more than companies like Ford, eBay, Twitter, and Spotify.” Miller stated, “We as a firm want to ensure that we stay ahead of the trends that can affect businesses while making it an easy and enjoyable experience for our clients to remit payments. “


“We believe that cryptocurrencies like DOGE and BTC are here to stay, and World Class Business Advisory is excited to extend payment options to the growing Doge community while also educating our retail and merchant clients on the cryptocurrency market, upon announcement to our clients, we received enormous positive feedback from most of our 1,000+ clients. This was a major decision for the firm that brought in expertise from many of our firm’s senior consultants. We wanted to be very careful with our due diligence as we are in the process of underwriting for a planned IPO in the near future. We are very confident in cryptocurrencies being a major payment form globally by many businesses  and we have already started receiving an undisclosed amount of DOGE as payment. stated Miller.


World Class Business Advisory is a top national firm of consultants specializing in business management consulting services like turnaround services, finance consulting, organizational change, and business process re-engineering.