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Your Tailored Solution For Precise Recruiting.


Because we understand that recruiting some drivers can be tough and challenging on carriers and contractors. Finding and providing quality drivers is in our DNA. So, when we realized that our partnering carriers that were recruiting for FedEx & Amazon  lanes needed precise driver specifications and a more knowledgeable & streamlined recruiting process, we went to work.

The result was DriverEx PinPoint by World Class Business Advisory. 

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For FedEx Independent Contractors 


Our DriverEx PinPoint Specialists undergo extensive training on FedEx & Amazon recruiting standards for all different divisions including Custom Critical, Ground, Freight, & more. So you can count on us getting the drivers you need efficiently & effectively. 


Our DriverEx PinPoint   Database  links with our ATS to identify all badged drivers that have ever applied with us. We get calls from badged drivers daily looking for new opportunities because of our network with our contractors and new customer openings

"We Strive For Customer Satisfaction Above All..."


Atlanta, GA

Trying to find a team with doubles & hazmat was hard for my husband and me. My DriverEx representative   Brian was very helpful and stayed in communication daily until he found us a badged team 4 days after we ordered.


Kernersville, NC

Very knowledgeable about processes especially with 3rd party background checks. I have bought 4 drivers now and every time DriverEx calls, I just run the FedEx ID number and my driver is rolling the next week.


Oakland, CA

I have referred a lot of other contractors to them. Great service for the price. They handle everything and I don't have to coach them about FedEx policies like other recruiting agencies. It's nice to tell them I need drivers and they have them ready for me. 

We aim to find badged drivers in our PinPoint database efficiently enabling faster turnaround speeds to get your trucks rolling ASAP.

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For Amazon Partner Carriers

"On-Time Deliveries Are Important..."

We understand you have metrics to meet. That’s why we find drivers that are reliable as we are. DriverEx PinPoint has a division dedicated to servicing Amazon carriers. The staff are knowledgeable of the metrics placed by Amazon on its carriers. When you call you can count on speaking with a knowledgeable team member. Most of the time you will speak with a prior experienced Amazon driver who understands the logistics aspect from operating Relay to procedures at the fulfillment centers. These are the same team members validating and recruiting your future drivers so you can rest in confidence that when we call you back, you are smiling knowing that DriverEx did it again when you needed us the most. 


Chicago, IL

I run Solo 1 & Solo 2 and called after hearing about PinPoint from a driver. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and professionalism. I will be using them again when I get my new trucks. Thank you DriverEx.


Albany, NY

I have 60 + trucks at any given time assigned to Amazon running the Northeast. This is always a challenging region. Because of PinPoint, I went from possibly losing my entire operation to becoming a Ambassador Carrier and was invited to Seattle. Members of World Class came as my guest and I have now expanded to ATL and OTR. I love these guys. 


Dallas, TX

I just run local days and nights with a smaller capacity. I had issues competing with the local market to get drivers with my legs. I did not have ability to hire a recruiter and I contacted DriverEx. I learned I was eligible for PinPoint and they have handled all my recruiting since that day. I give them a week notice to be safe and my drivers are always ready! 

"Call today and see what the contractors are raving about..."




Over 50 Offices Nationwide & 24/7 Award Winning Support

We partner with FedEx & Amazon Contractors across the country to find drivers that meet your precise requirements, so we save you time and money. We respect your business. No need to explain policies to our driver specialist. Most of them are former FedEx & Amazon drivers as well. We specialize in closing your lanes the way they need to be. We send precise quality and forget about quantity. Explore simplicity in recruiting by calling a specialist today.